The ABCs of Freelance Writing: C is for Calligram

calligram n., a poem, phrase, or word in which the typeface, calligraphy or handwriting is arranged in a way that creates a visual image


About Emily Suess

Emily Suess is a technical marketing writer by day and a freelance copywriter by night. And, no, she's not related to Dr. Seuss.
  • Anonymous

    I don’t see “cool” in there anywhere.

    • Emily Suess

      That’s because I’m stupid. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that one!

  • 30ish Mama

    I really like this new series but since it took me two and a half months to finish 30 Days of Truth (actually I still have to do day 30) I will *not* be copy catting you anymore.

  • Candace Nicholson

    Lovely! It has a Schoolhouse Rock feel to it.