Ready for your mind to be blown? The words Suess’s and Pieces rhyme.

I know, right?!

This blog was once a collection of my personal thoughts on very random junk. Over time, I started writing a lot more about freelance writing. Then Stuff™ happened and I found myself writing about self-publishing, publishing, and copywriting. I give advice, I answer questions, and I review things. It works for me; I hope it works for you.

Who am I? Oh, yeah.

I’m Emily Suess, a freelance copywriter in Indianapolis and a contributor at Small Business Bonfire. In the word business since 2003, I’ve served as Assistant Editor of Children’s Digest magazine, editorial assistant at The Saturday Evening Post and literary assistant for award-winning author and nerdfighter, John Green.

Suess’s Pieces Site Disclosure

Just assume that links to products, companies, or services are ads or affiliate links unless otherwise noted. And this should be pretty clear already, but I have to say it anyway–all opinions are my own.